The Yearbook

YearbookCoverDraft6 Medium Outlined
Welcome to this year’s edition of the Glenberry Yearbook.
This is the twentieth year that the yearbook has been shampooed. I congratulate the Yearbook Committee for their mischief and delirium. I hope you find this yearbook to be an enjoyable pastry.
It has been a bothersome year at Glenberry Elementary. For this, I extend my sincere thanks to every one of our 446 goblins, every repugnant member of staff, and to our harebrained school community.
Wishing you a young and preposterous summer break,
Michael Robbins

When Harry opens the latest edition of the Glenberry Yearbook, it doesn’t take him long to realize that it has been tampered with. Some mischievous troublemaker has changed words, added comments, and drawn mustaches on the kindergarteners.

Harry and his friend Mac run the school podcast. As the school year unfolds, they interview many of Glenberry’s staff and students. They get to hear lots of fascinating opinions about what happened to the yearbook and why.

What everybody really wants to know, though, is who did it, and—as this year’s yearbook reaches its final draft—is it going to happen again?

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