That Doesn’t Make Sense: The Train Was Late


Figurative Language Version:
Sometimes our trains don’t come when they are planned.
They may be late or may not come at all.
Sometimes they don’t take passengers. They strand
Their customers along the platform wall.

This happens, too, with buses, trams and planes,
And when it happens it may make you mad.
When things don’t come on time it surely strains
And stresses us; it makes us feel quite bad.

If things are late, it causes quite a fuss,
If you feel angry, that is quite okay.
Instead, you could use taxis or a bus,
Or take a train that’s later in the day.


Plain Language Version:
Sometimes, trains don’t arrive when they are supposed to. They may be late, or they may not come at all. Sometimes they arrive, but they can’t pick up any passengers because there is some sort of problem.

Sometimes these things also happen with buses, planes and trams.

When your train (or bus, plane or tram) doesn’t pick you up on time, you might feel very annoyed or angry. It is okay to feel annoyed or angry.

Try and remember that there will be other ways to get to where you’re going. Maybe you can catch the next train, or take a taxi.

Image altered from Deposit Photos. Original Image tovovan_ © 2013

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That Doesn’t Make Sense: The Weather Forecast was Wrong

Weather.jpgFigurative Language Version:
In rain or snow it’s nice to know exactly how to dress.
We might need an umbrella to stay dry.
There’s special rules and fancy tools that help the scientists guess
If there’ll be rain or hail or clear blue sky.
To our delight, they’re mostly right, it helps us pick our pants:
In sunny weather—short; on cold days—long.
But science, too, like me and you, when guessing in advance
Can sometimes make predictions that are wrong.

When forecasts err, our rage may stir. We may get very mad.
It may have made us cold or very hot.
A rain surprise, while not from lies, may make us wet and sad.
We may feel quite deceived but we were not.
When what was forecast turns out wrong, we’ll breathe and let it out.
We may feel quite annoyed and that’s okay.
Like us, the scientists made mistakes, of that there is no doubt,
We’ll just hope that they’re right on other days.

Weather.jpgPlain Language Version:
We like knowing what the weather is going to be like.
If it’s going to be very hot or very cold, we might want to wear special clothes. If it is going to be rainy, we might want to take an umbrella.
To help us know what the weather is going to be, scientists make predictions about the weather.
Usually, their predictions are right, but sometimes they are wrong.
If the prediction is wrong, we might wear clothes that don’t suit the weather. We might get too hot, too cold, or wet. This can be very annoying.
When the scientists do make a mistake, we have to try and be a bit flexible. We may need to take a breath to feel calm again. We will hope they’re right next time.

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