Sunshine Blog Award

Thanks to the brilliant and talented MrHushHush for the nomination (and sorry I broke so many rules!)

In turn, I’m nominating the following brilliant bloggers (in no particular order):

Thanks again to MrHushHush—I’m grateful and humbled!


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I’m feeling very lucky
I’m feeling very fine
‘Cos just this week I got an honor
For this blog of mine.

A sweet and skilful blogger*
Who also writes in verse
Passed on a nomination from
The blogging universe.

This accolade for bloggers
The Liebster, as it’s named,
Is very neat, I find it sweet,
I’ll prob’ly get it framed.

It has some rules and customs,
Some questions for response.
So here I go, they’re down below,
(I’m feigning nonchalance).

*The sweet and skilful blogger was Anacrazyfuturewriter!

So here’s my Q & A that the
Award begged me to do.
The question: Do you like to rhyme?
The answer: Yes, it’s true.

Ananya’s also given me
11 things to write.


What is my Utopia?
It’s beds for all at night.


What would be the book that I
Had written ’bout my life?
That’s easy. It would simply be
Called Robbie. Verses? Rife.


What message would you tell yourself
During your teenage years?
“Stop with all the photos where
You’re making Rabbit Ears.”

4. & 5.

What is your guilty pleasure;
And what’s a favourite quote?
Number 4’s “The Office,” and, well, 5 is…

…Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.


Of all the world’s dystopias
Which would you like to see?
I would hate 1984
But drink their good coffee.


Who’d you like to take for lunch
Or for a bite to eat?
Oh, I’d take Robin Williams.
I think that would be neat.


Among all the World Records,
Which would you like to break?
Well, I s’pose I would have to go
With eating the most cake.


What thing do you know now is
Decidedly untrue?
I thought “a couple” meant
Just 3 or 4, just like “a few!”


How have you been hurt in ways
That brought on shame or dread?
I once stepped on a rake.
It flicked right up and hit my head.


Well, does that voice say “Yanny” or
Is “Laurel” said aloud?
I guess I must admit that I’m
Among the “Laurel” crowd.

So now for nominations
Five other blogs to see.
Each has 200 followers
Or less (that’s just like me!)

The first’s a guy called Caleb,
He likes reviewing flicks,
The thing that makes me smile though is
It’s via limericks.

The second’s got a hat-themed blog
And I’m a fan of that.
It’s quite absurd, which is preferred
She needs a Liebster hat!

The third’s another blog where all
The writing’s quite a treat
So read “The Lockwood Echo,”
I think you’ll find it neat.

The fourth is quite amusing
His name is masercot
And in his blog and comments
He’s made me laugh a lot.

The fifth is molivam42. The guy
Is quite a funny bloke.
I stumbled on his blog by finding
Funny language jokes.

The questions that I’ve written
For each of these to see
Are only vaguely nosy
And there is only three.

One: Of all your clothing, what is your favorite piece?
Two: Now which is better, ‘the Lion King’, or ‘Grease’?
Threes’s a trifle nosy.
Oh yes! A little rude!
Of all your nooks and crannies, where would you get tattooed?



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