Finish This Poem – “Dinner Dishes”

It was with heavy heart and grimace wide
That I—the piles of dinner dishes—spied.
With caked-on crumbs and bits of dried-on sauce;
The sticky bits remaining from first course.

I looked upon the bubbles rising high
And, reaching for the gloves, let out a sigh.
I ‘spose the dinner dishes must be done…

(Can you finish this poem? 😂😂😂)


Image from Pixabay © Melissa-Anna 2017

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16 thoughts on “Finish This Poem – “Dinner Dishes”

  1. but how to make the washing-up fun?

    I’ll juggle dishes,
    Balance plates,
    Increase the speed
    that I clean the crockery
    to unfathomable rates.
    Bring in assistants to shine the glasses,
    Issue long-term washer-upper passes.
    Pay the staff I hire a wad
    Of greenbacks (toads)
    I’m a mean old so-
    n of a father.
    Or maybe clone myself
    a dozen times
    I’ll be
    buzzing and washing
    like an army of bees
    (I know, it should be an army of ants;
    but, I have to get rhymes
    even if they are pants!)
    I’ll enlist Aunt Sally,
    She’ll dispose of the lot,
    With the minimum of fuss
    and a coconut shot.

    So, if you are wond’rin
    If I really will do
    all these things…
    wouldn’t you?


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