From The Archives: Earphones


Have you ever sat out in the sun or walked along a road,
Seen adult after adult walking by,
And wondered why these people all had earphones in their ears,
What music were they list’ning to, and why?

Left and right they walk like drones along the city streets,
They’re all plugged in on buses and on planes.
You see them fixing cords at crossings, loosening their knots,
You see them all plugged in, in seats, on trains.

It turns out it’s not music that they’re listening to at all.
It turns out it’s not jazz, or rock, or rave.
You see, these plugged-in adults that are blending in quite well
Are robots that need training to behave.

If you take out their earphones, they’ll forget to go to work.
Forget to tie their shoes. Forget their pants.
If you take out their earphones, they’ll try to munch on dirt,
They’ll water all their friends and talk to plants!

So if you don’t want robot people licking your front door
You don’t want your great-grandma rudely hugged,
You don’t want robot people racing carts through every mall,
Don’t ever let those earphones be unplugged!

Image © Robbie Yates 2017

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8 thoughts on “From The Archives: Earphones

  1. Do you ever find it triggers your imagination?
    So many people, so many different versions of an individual reality all playing parallel to one another?
    I can step out into a crowded shopping centre, notice the ear phones and have an inkling how ‘Dr Who’ may have felt 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 1% of the time, it feels like I’m the only one “present,” and everyone else is off in some world of thought or worry.

      The other 99% of the time, I am one of those people, with my head and my thoughts a million miles away. ☺


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