One Very Odd Teacher

The wonderful Shalini from Digital Reads Blog Tours has just wrapped up a very thrilling week-long blog tour to celebrate the launch of One Very Odd Teacher (eBook |  Paperback) and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Some highlights from the reviews:

  • “There are some books like that which just make me happy. This is one of them.” ~Shalini
  • “Worth buying and reading again and again.” ~Sara from Avid Inspri
  • “I would highly recommend One Very Odd Teacher regardless of your age but especially if you have a pre-teen. It is One Very Terrific Book!” ~Mackey from MacsBooks
  • “One of the best children books I’ve read” ~María from Bookgraphy
  • “I love Robbie Yates’ writing. His sense of humor is enthralling, and I was laughing all the way through.” ~Jessica Rachow
  • “I loved it” ~Melissa from The Perfect Honeybee
  • “I recommend this book basically for everyone.” ~Dora from Swift Coffee
  • “A delightful read!” ~Jee from HookedOnBookz
  • “[A] fast paced fun story which I am sure the young readers will love.” ~Ruchi from TheVagabond
  • “Such a fun read with some lovely touches of child humour…..Faaaaaaaaart!” ~Lesley from Orlando Books
  • “I think Yates’ book is a perfect ‘in-between’ children’s novel, which is simple enough for its young audience that the plot is not over complicated, while similarly in-depth enough for the adult or parent reader to enjoy alongside.” ~Beth from About A Book Club
  • “I loved the story. The writing was crisp and easy to read” ~Rekha from The Book Decoder
  • “This book was laugh out loud, tears running down your face funny!” ~Berit from Audio Killed The Bookmark
  • “This book is a gift. A real treat. It made me smile and laugh and yeah, reminisce.” ~Lili from Lili’s Blissful Pages
  • “If you have a curious child around you, just like Adam, this is the best book you can gift him/her for this Christmas!” ~Maya Bhat
  • “[A] fun, entertaining, suspenseful mystery that kids would love to solve. I highly recommend this book to all young readers.” ~Yesha from Books Teacup and Reviews
  • “IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!” ~Nicole from The Bookworm Drinketh
  • “Amazing book by Robbie Yates” ~Shahnila from Untie Reader
  • “A fun read” ~Nina from The Cozy Pages
  • “Perfect stocking filler for Christmas.” ~Natalie from The Spoonie Mummy
  • “Adventurous Journey | Brilliant Characters | Thrilling Plot | PHENOMENAL WRITING!!” ~Justine from Bookish Wisps
  • You can also head over to Gratissoul to read an excerpt of the book.

Thank you so much to Shalini, and each of these bloggers—it has been a BLAST!

One Very Odd Teacher is available as an eBook or Paperback. Grab your copy today!


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