Silly Auntie Sally

My silly auntie Sally
Is such a clumsy dame.
She’s famous for misspelling
Her (very simple) name.
She doesn’t like bananas
She hates banana cake
I figured out the problem…
The fruit she buys is fake!

fruit-bowl-3644646_640 - Copy

Image from Pixabay © Katzenfee50 2018

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15 thoughts on “Silly Auntie Sally

  1. About misspelling- I had to advertise a talk in the local press this week and I had two spellings. It was called.”Pills ,Potions and Patience” at least, I think it was – or was it “Pills, Potions and Patients?” Last week I used one spelling and this week I used the other. When the speaker arrives we’ll find out which was correct!

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  2. Very funny 😁 I remember as a kid thinking how shiny and delicious that apple looked in my Nanna’s fruit bowl, and taking a chance to pick it up and sneak just a little bite, imagine my surprise when the hollow fake now had a dent so big from my squeezing that someone was sure to notice. Oh no what to do, nothing for it, but to put it back where I found it, hiding the dent from view. Maybe Nanna would never notice! Luckily for me when she did, I was nowhere around 🤪

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