Finish This Poem – “Phone Call”

I answered the phone and I balked at his voice.
I wouldn’t have answered if I’d had the choice.
But ‘cos of my lunacy, ‘cos of my luck,
I’d picked up the phone call and now I was stuck.

It was not my Papa and was not my Pop.
He started to talk and the guy would not stop.
The fellow that caused me to whinge and to whine?

(Can you finish this poem? 😀)

phone-3594206_1280 - Copy

Image from Pixabay © Alexas_Fotos 2016

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23 thoughts on “Finish This Poem – “Phone Call”

    1. I can imagine he’d be a very… interesting… phone call partner.

      “I do not like when phone calls end
      I do not like it in the end
      I do not like to say goodbye
      And if you do, you’ll make me cry!” 😊😂

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  1. Some damn robocaller that got on my line! (“line” seems a natural rhyme word for this one though. So for another, as in the US we have elections coming up in about a month and a half:)
    The same politician who called the last time.

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  2. It’s usually their campaign committees, actually, to ask for your vote. And then there are the phony polls, trying to get you to agree to the candidate’s platform points. . . . But that’s democracy for you (and one way or another, I still will vote!) 😉

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