The Magic Key

I fumbled in my pocket
And found a magic key.
I held it in my fingers
And then I grinned with glee.
With just this bit of metal
I’d open every door;
I could now open bank vaults
And treasure chests and more.

I went to scare my sister
My key unlocked her room.
And when she came in later
I jumped out, shouting “Boom!”
I opened up the pantry
Where Dad stores all the sweets;
My key was bringing endless
Delicious tasty treats.

There was a simple problem
A curse I’d come to rue.
My quite frenetic puppy
Quite liked the magic too.
He gobbled up my keyring
I watched it disappear.
I stared at him, frustrated.
I cried a single tear.

My magic days were over
My sneaky tricks were done.
No stolen sweets and candies
No sister-scaring fun.
‘Cos though the magic keyring
Would reappear quite quick
It would be much more smelly
The thought just made me sick!

key-2310246_1280 - Copy

Image from Pixabay © carmen6969 2017

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40 thoughts on “The Magic Key

      1. Once you put it in a highly concentrated bleach, believe me, nothing remains on it. We do it regularly. Metal does not retain smell. Hahaha otherwise I wouldn’t be able to work😉😉😂😂

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  1. But when my magic key ring was buried in the ground
    I had to wait for years and years until the thing was found.
    By then I was an old man and watched a greedy bird
    Fly off with my old treasure, it really was absurd.
    What would a magpie do with a special key, so fine?
    Yet I’d been great without it, and it wasn’t really mine.
    For all life’s locks have keyholes and if you have the key
    You don’t need any magic to be as free as me.

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