There once was a man from Tibet
Who hated his feet getting wet.
Wore shoes in the bath
And said with a laugh,
“They ain’t had a drop on ‘em yet!”

barefoot-2617757_1280 - Copy

Image from Pixabay © StockSnap 2016

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36 thoughts on “Tibet

      1. Uh-oh. Mine used to smell, but not so much, any more… My best has gone bust!… Hey, d’ye think if I put dead mackerels in my socks people will take me more seriously? Do you think if I just wear socks at ALL people will take me more seriously? Or am I going to have to do something about the skin, hair, glasses, teeth (okay, tooth) and hump too?

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      2. All those things – skin, hair, hump, third leg, warts, wiggly ears – are the things that make us beautiful. At least, that’s what I think. And I have all the mackerelly feet odours to prove it!


  1. I bet he has extra toe jam to go with his tea!

    Okay, Robbie — I came up with something just for you, my friend. Well, we’ll see if we’re still friends after this — Okay, so here goes nothing —

    There once was a bloke named Robbie
    Who hated being called Bobby
    “You say it again
    And I’ll make your head swim!”
    Said Bobby, er, I mean, Robbie!



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