The Man In The Moon

There’s a man in the moon and I’ve heard he likes cheese.
He likes honey too but the moon has no bees.
moon-1527240_1280 - Copy

Image from Pixabay © ArtsyBee 2016


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24 thoughts on “The Man In The Moon

  1. You know, my brother, there’s something to be said for having readers who start smiling already just because they see your name coming up in the que. Like me.

    Tell the moon that’s no reason to pout — lots of us would like to have a honey. And THAT face sure isn’t going to attract one! (Nice original makeup job, though…)

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  2. The moon said I want honey
    Don’t make me beg on my knees
    If you don’t give me some soon
    There’ll be havoc on your seas
    So I’m going to ask real nice again
    And please don’t be a tease
    Honey makes me want to smile and grin
    I need honey, right now, please!

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