I pulled the little thread
I gave a little tug
My sweater was so warm
It had me feeling snug
The thread was from the knit
I yanked it with a frown
The sweater fray began
And stitches tumbled down.

Threads - Copy

At first it was the sleeves
And then it was the back;
I would have fixed it up
But did not have the knack.
And soon it was the front
That simply came undone
And then I lost my arms
They fell off one-by-one!

The next thing that came loose
The next thing that untied
My toes dropped on the floor
And then I bloomin’ cried.
My ears each dangled down
And landed with a plop
When would this shocking dream
At last come to a stop?!

Like poorly knitted socks
My nose slipped off and fell
And then I lost my brows
And eyelashes as well.
I knew at any point
I would soon lose my head—
I wished with all my heart
I had not pulled that thread.

Hands, feet, head dolls. Close-up.

Thread Image adapted from the original from Deposit Photos © Sonulkaster 2017. Dolls Image from Deposit Photos © UncleDima 2015.


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33 thoughts on “Oops

  1. I’m so glad you pulled a thread and not your finger — no telling what you might have released then! At this point, my I suggest you have a cup of your yummy tea that you wrote so eloquently about several posts back. It might help to pull you back together.

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