It happens when you cannot move
Or when you must be still.
The itch gets so unbearable
You simply lose your will.
The middle of an interview
Or someone’s wedding toast.
Or funerals—it’s funerals
When itches strike the most!
You try behaving subtly so
You will not make a sound.
You shift your weight—just slightly and
You slide your fingers ‘round.
And scratching feels so wonderful
You feel like you could die.
And in that silent moment you
Let out a big fat sigh.

Depositphotos_95121648_l-2015 - Copy

Image from Deposit Photos © 2016

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22 thoughts on “Itch

  1. Brilliant! I just got a dog and wrote a goofy little ditty about flea allergies (it has itching in it) that’s on my blog — much inspired by your silly poems. So this is like perfect timing! So glad I found you!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks Mona, you’re making me blush! I’ll check out your flea rhyme 😁 Also, there’s a lady called “blindzanygirl” who writes hilarious flea limericks.. I’ll try and remember to link her later cos I’m on mobile. 😁


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