Paper Plane

I’ve built a new contraption
A great big paper plane.
It’s very eco-friendly
It uses no propane.
It cannot hold much cargo
Its landings aren’t precise,
But when a nice big wind blows
It floats along real nice.

I’ve built a new contraption
The seating is not great.
There’s no room for a Captain
And none for a First Mate.
But it is very graceful
When looping through the sky
So please, come board my vehicle
The next time that you fly!

plane-2909850_1280 - Copy

Image from Pixabay © Jose_Arte 2018

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25 thoughts on “Paper Plane

  1. Flying paper planes is more enjoyable than flying the so-called friendly skies, what with being manhandled by the TSA, delayed and cancelled flights, and being crammed in tiny seats meant for Barbie dolls. Yeah, paper planes all the way 😛

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  2. Robbie – It is precise looking, reminds of the old Concord planes from long ago … this plane won’t punk out when there is a computer glitch and leave a lot of people angry, nor will it be overbooked and a viral video of excess passengers being dragged down the aisle will never surface, so I say it is a win-win situation. P.S. – Just don’t go out on a rainy day. 🙂

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  3. So I’ll keep this poem in mind when I have to board a metal plane in the morning. Haven’t been on one in years. Kind of afraid! I’d much rather fly on your plane powered by imagination! Loved this!

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