There once was a man who was twenty feet tall.
He’d climb over fences and peek over walls.
With his head in the clouds and his feet on the floor,
He could climb over ceilings…


but not through the door.

Depositphotos_23841075_l-2015 - Copy

Image from Deposit Photos © Curvabezier 2013

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29 thoughts on “Tall

    1. There once was a man who had teeth very bright.
      His dentist said “How do you keep them so white?”
      The man said, “That’s easy, I brush them each night,
      But I brush with my left hand and not with my right!”

      How’s that? 😁 Also, Julie left a comment below suggesting a poem for you 😊

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  1. If he was twenty feet tall he wouldn’t have to climb over walls, he would just step over them – and who has a twenty foot fence these days. Perhaps I am being technically hypercritical – no, forget that ‘perhaps’, I ‘am’ being pedantic about the 20’ tall man. If only he’d been a 50-foot Woman! G:)

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  2. That poor young man who was twenty foot tall
    And couldn’t get through doors at all —
    For when through a door he would try to go …
    It wasn’t his head that would suffer a blow.

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