The Chase

My breathing, now, was heavy and
My heart was beating fast.
I thought I might have got away
And I was free at last.
But then, I saw the boy again,
He’d followed close behind.
I had to get away, and quick—
Before I lost my mind!

I grimaced as I upped my pace
I made a final choice.
I rushed to tell a teacher, so much
Terror in my voice.
I told her that he’d chased me since
Before I got to school.
She looked at me and raised her brows.
“That’s just your shadow, fool.”

boy-36595_1280 - Copy

Image from Pixabay © Clker-Free-Vector-Images 2012

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18 thoughts on “The Chase

      1. Okay, I went, per your concerned advice, with the quickest available — Diag-Nose You dot com (which as luck would have it was also offering evaluations at a steep discount!)

        They said it would not be cost effective to attempt repair/update on this mental model, nor did it possess more than negligible trade-in value…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah. I think your model is a bit out-of-date to be honest. Don’t worry, mine is too. They told me my edition wasn’t compatible with millennial humor dot exe or the new meta_humor add-ons.


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