I’m feeling inconsolable
I’m feeling all alone—
I’m feeling pain and sadness worse
than I have ever known—

For my whole life I’ve been beside
My lovely family.
All long and slim and yellow. Yes,
We lived in harmony.

And then, one sunny afternoon,
They plucked us from our height!
But we were still together and
So we were still alright.

And then they boxed and freighted us
And put us in a store!
But still we were together so
We’d be alright for sure.

And then a lady bagged us up
And put us in her car!
But I still felt okay because
My parents were not far.

And then the old hag took my Dad
She ripped him from the bunch…
And I can hardly bear to say…
She ate my Dad for lunch.

bananas-575773_1280 - Copy

Image from Pixabay © CC0 Creative Commons 2014

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