There once was a woman who’d snort
Every time she gave voice to a thought.
Explosive and loud
She could startle a crowd
It sounded like wars being fought.

She seemed to be quite unaware
As her snorts echoed out through the air.
A doc had a peek
In the side of her cheek
“It’s ‘cos you’ve three nostrils! One’s spare.”

Three Nostrils

Image from Deposit Photos © Helen_Adamova 2014

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21 thoughts on “Snort

  1. I don’t think you ort
    Of those who must snort
    To be making such sport

    For instance, my snorting’s sublime
    For I need to snort any time
    That I create a new rhyme

    But my neighbor is even more fun
    For he helplessly has begun
    To snort wildly at every bad pun

    It’s lucky around you, Robbie,
    No unlucky spirit there be
    Who snorts at funny poetry!

    (Ooh. Sorry, buddy. I slipped out of my custody & couldn’t catch myself again until the poetic damage was done. With your name on it, too. Well, you’re a known associate now — you’ll be writing tragic poetry instead on no time!)

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      1. One never nose which nostril snorts or braincells are likely to squirt out of. With too many, there is even the horrible danger of strons. Those are the most backward of snorts.

        Liked by 1 person

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