Don’t Play With Your Food

My Momma always told me
“Robbie, don’t play with your food.
It’s silly and it’s childish
And it comes across as rude.”
But Momma’s famous sayings
Though quite lovely, were not right—
Like “Crusts make hair grow curly
And “You can’t eat eggs at night.”

So when I’d finished college
And I rented my own house,
I cooked up some spaghetti
Stirring quiet as a mouse.
I got some crunchy breadsticks
And some beans that had been stewed,
And then, with glee and glory
Made a sculpture out of food!

noodles-560657_1920 - Copy

Image from Pixabay © CC0 Creative Commons 2014

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36 thoughts on “Don’t Play With Your Food

      1. Ooo… Depends what kind of hit you’re going for…. Meatballs are good for the ooey, gooey messy splat, Peas are good for the annoying ping, and cooked spaghetti would be good for the sticky net! 👍👍

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  1. As a kid (and I don’t do this anymore – honest), I used to play satsuma wars with the satsuma bits you get with satsumas. Kept me occupied for hours, that did. They were simpler times.

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  2. Haha this is so funny and so true. Don’t you love the way our parents, (who were probably told by their parents) gave us such silly advice in the most serious voices. I remember being told to eat all my carrots as they help you see in the dark. Well I am now 58 and have been eating all of my carrots, and I can honestly say I don’t think this is right, because not only can I not see in the dark, I can hardly see in the daytime too, unless I have my glasses on, which have nothing to do with carrots! 😜

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