Spreading… Joy

I’ve come up with a contest
A game that’s bright and new.
It’s something fairly simple
That anyone can do.
It must take place in winter
(It can’t be all year round)
Because it’s based on spreading
The common cold around!

Now when the idea struck me
At first, I thought I’d win.
But suddenly remembered
The trains and those within.
The passengers on buses
And elevators too.
The sneezers in your office,
And hallway coughers—Ew.

You see, the art of spreading
The flu both far and wide
Is something in which many
Have skills they just can’t hide.
I’m sure it will be lively
So join the contest please.
For now, though, please excuse me.
I need to go and sneeze.

boy sneeze.jpg

Image from Deposit Photos © ainsel 2016

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