Grandpa’s Lies

My Grandpa tells me stories
I think they’re sometimes lies.
He tells me he bakes cookies
And mixes in dead flies.
He tells me he’s a psychic,
That he reads Grandma’s mind—
But “All her thoughts are empty
There’s nothing there to find!”

My Grandpa tells me stories
And lots of them aren’t true.
He told me when he was a kid
He ate a horse’s poo.
He told me he’s a ninja
And saves the world from crime
He said “I’d give more details—
But oops!
We’re out of time!


Image from Deposit Photos © zzve 2014

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28 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Lies

  1. This brings me all smiles before i hit the bed. Unfortunately my maternal grandpa died when i was 8years old. Not much fond memories of him. But yea, he did teach me some moral values and prayers. My paternal grandparents, I have seen them only in frame. Your grandpa’s lies are cute.

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  2. I can’t really relate
    Because I only met him twice
    Once was a walking date
    The other when he was in a coma about to go to a storage room packed with ice.

    So this cheeky grandpa had to much fun
    Putting weird thoughts in your brain
    and making your mind ponder about the things he’d done
    No wonder you clearly are insane

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  3. Brilliant, reminded me of my Grandad, he would always wink at me at the end of one of his stories, which would have me thinking, was it true or a little fib. But as he was a grown up and my favourite Grandad they had to be true, right? 🤣

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