Credit Card

I’m not one to usually boast,
But I found a hack that beats most!
A card, very small
Now what’s that? I just heard the post…


Image from Pixabay © ProSmile 2017

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8 thoughts on “Credit Card

  1. free money for all
    free tension for all
    It is joy to celebrate
    when i receive the bill
    as lengthy as the giraffe
    I go insane
    a small plastic chip
    controlling me
    what is owing grows
    payment due
    every month anew

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  2. I definitely need all that free money or any really!😥 Funny post! Needed a good laugh even though, I’m scarily broke!😱 I don’t know what’s going on with my blog but I don’t see your recent comment and then everytime I try to comment back to you on my review of your book it goes crazy! Am I coming up as spam or something!? Ugh. Thanks for everything, Robbie! You rock, my friend.❤📚😍

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    1. Ah, we can be broke together, dearest Dani!!

      I don’t know what’s happening with WP lately but… I did just find this comment of yours in my spam folder 😦 You must just be so darn quick that WordPress thinks, “Nah, a mere mortal is not that efficient, must be a bot.”

      Anyway, I promise to check my spam folder lots just in case you end up in there!! And thank YOU for everything. You are so bloomin’ cool it’s not even funny.

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