Finish This Poem – “Grandma’s Birthday”

Next week is Grandma’s birthday.
I thought I’d buy a horse.
She loves a lot of creatures
She’d love this too, of course.
It turns out they’re expensive,
I had to change my mind,
But what I bought her’s BETTER,
I think that’s what you’ll find.

Next week is Grandma’s birthday,
At first I’d no idea.
But then—a thought just struck me—
I’ll buy her lots of beer!
Alas, she doesn’t drink it,
My thought was not so great.
Besides, I cannot buy it,
Because I’m only eight.

Next week is Grandma’s birthday
And though I am quite poor,
I tipped out my whole piggy bank
Onto my bedroom floor.
Eleven dollars fifty,
I counted it with glee,
So guess what I got Grandma?!

(Can you finish this poem? 😂😀😛)


Image from Pixabay © blickpixel 2014

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30 thoughts on “Finish This Poem – “Grandma’s Birthday”

  1. I got a cake
    with chocolate and cream
    topped with nuts
    and fruits on brim
    I know grandma
    would have
    just a piece
    cause she
    suffers from
    cold and sneeze
    in pretext of grandma
    I treat myself
    with a birthday cake😁😁😁

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  2. I was going to add a line, probably about tea, until I saw the post about a money tree. I don’t think I’ve got a picture of ours but we have three, one big one and two baby ones. I’ll snap them on my phone and write a verse about them sometime.

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      1. hmm… if grandma was smarter than you.. she would not hesitate to get rid of all that 😀 the burden would be too heavy on her.

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