The Hungry Teacher

There once was a teacher who ate
Most everything piled on his plate.
He’d gulp, swallow, chew
All his pasta and stew,
He’d a hunger that nothing could sate.

His teaching was clever and fine.
His class‌—‌twenty kids‌—‌were divine.
But as the year passed
That twenty-kid class
Became eighteen, then twelve, and then nine…


Image from Deposit Photos © lineartestpilot 2013

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28 thoughts on “The Hungry Teacher

      1. Wow robbie. U are a teacher.. I love that.. My respects for that.. I loved all your answers, especially, your liking for monkeys. Believe me or not, i enjoy seeing the monkeys. A trip to the zoo is incomplete without a monkey’s smile. Keep writing more fun poems..

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      1. Yeah I’d like to read them to my little lad at bedtime but I’m not keen on using readers…. can guarantee atleast one sale for you 😜

        Liked by 1 person

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