My New Bed

I did some online shopping
I bought a brand new bed
It didn’t fit inside my room
I sent it back instead.

And with my refund money
I bought a rusty car
Since I don’t have my licence
I couldn’t drive it far.

So when I got my money back
I bought a double bass
It turns out I can’t play it
I sent it back post-haste.

By that point all my money
Had dwindled quite a bit
But with the cash remaining
I bought a sewing kit.

It turns out I am useless
I don’t know how to sew
I sent back all the gear and then
Bought jackets for the snow.

Now I live in the desert
The only snow I see
Is stuff on Christmas movies and
The snow that’s on TV.

I sent away my jackets
And got my cash returned
I bought some brand new glasses but
My eyesight’s fine, I learned.

Now once I sent the glasses
Back to the factory
The only money I got back?
A dollar seventy.

I need to do some saving
Cos though my bed is fine
I think I’d like a new one
I might get one online.


Image from Deposit Photos © creativestall 2015

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