The Cheeky Sock Society

Depositphotos_22014695_original - Small.jpg

Welcome to this meeting.
Thanks for coming.
Take a seat.
The Cheeky Sock Society has gathered here to meet.
We’re here to share our strategies and our achievements, too—
The ways we’ve found to slither down and hide inside your shoe.

You see, we’ve got one purpose—one lone aim that we all share.
We love to foster misery, to bring about despair.
And when your sock slides down into your boot and disappears—
That joy’s enough to bring this group of Cheeky Socks to tears.

Image from Deposit Photos © MarcoGovel 2013

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16 thoughts on “The Cheeky Sock Society

  1. Awwwww… I’m glad my socks love to be in my smelly shoes! 😉 Too bad it’s summer and I refuse to wear socks until fall… Do you think they’re sad? Do they go on vacation? Do they hate being bundled with their partner for a whole season with no room to breathe and be their own sock?? Oh, so many questions…. 👣👢👞👠

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    1. No. Do you know what they do when they’re neglected?

      One by one, ever so slowly, they disappear. This–this is why you end up with that random orange-and-white sock without a buddy. It’s because they run away when you haven’t been paying them enough attention.

      Ever notice, it’s never your new or favourite socks that go missing? It’s always the slightly older ones? They’re a bit wiser, a bit less patient, a bit bored of hanging out with their opposite sock. They want to do more with their lives, ya hear me?! MORE!!

      😂 Sorry ’bout that. Got a bit carried away there. 🙃

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  2. Lovely!
    Socks are rascally creatures indeed. Look at the way one of them smirks at you while the other one hides. They also love, unexpectedly, to let a toe or a heel poke through. Then, some of them twist themselves on being taken off, jam, and send the wearer crashing on his nose.

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  3. I need to go on a diet. I have great trouble pulling on some of my socks. It depends on whether they are cotton or synthetic. They stick to my toes and won’t go any further, until I pull so hard I rip the heel. Hubby has a fold-over system that seems to work for him but I just go barefoot!

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