Oh please pass me a tissue
I need to blow my nose.
I’m snotty and I’m sticky
My nostrils are a hose.
I’m simply full of mucus
Disgusting but it’s true.
I need to see my doctor
And see what she can do.

Oh please pass me a tissue
Before it is too late.
My nose is running madly
I’m worried ‘bout our fate.
It’s covered up the floorboards
The snot is two feet high.
If you had passed a tissue
We’d still be warm and dry.

Flooded interior

Tissue Image adapted from Pixabay © annaj 2015. Flood Image from Deposit Photos © vicnt2815 2014.

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17 thoughts on “Tissue

  1. I worry not
    If u still don’t pass me a tissue
    I will use my hands, fingers,
    and shoulders
    If it still flows, i will use my dress
    to wipe the flow
    Gross, you think of me
    I have no choice
    To stop the flow
    U need to know
    I cannot be slow.

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