I’m having such a crisis.
I don’t know who I am.
I’m not like “Nachos,” “Pizza,” “Shepherd’s Pie” or even “Ham.”
I never feature solo,
I’m never on my own,
I’m never simply “Fries.” What irony. I feel alone.

I’m always served with burgers,
I’m always served with fish.
I’m always on the side, not in the centre of a dish.
So when you plan your dinners,
I have but one request.
Just once a year, have fries. Just fries. I swear, it is the best.


Image from Pixabay © Jambulboy 2017

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12 thoughts on “Fries

  1. An excuse to pen a ditty ‘bout chips
    It’s almost too good to be true
    I don’t care that the carbs go straight to my hips
    For chips, I’d be front of the queue

    Food of the Gods, for better or worse
    I’d marry a chip if I could
    As you can tell, from this little verse
    If I could only eat chips, then I would

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