The Dishes

I’ve got to do the dishes
It’s shocking but it’s true.
I’ve figured out a way to make them easier to do.
I’ve rigged up a whole system
With pulleys and with rope.
I’ll never have to do the dishes anymore, I hope.

I’ve got to do the dishes
At least five times a week.
It interferes with my whole TV-series-watching streak.
My brand new dish contraption
Can wash them all itself—
So all I’ll need to do is put the cups back on the shelf.

I tried out my contraption
The one I built alone.
It turns out it is not a mechanism I’d condone.
It broke our china teacups
And all our platters too.
Mom got so blasted furious her face turned purple-blue.

She’s made me do the dishes
At least three times a day.
I tried to protest but she said there was no other way.
She said I needed penance
A way to make things up.
But you know what? It turns out
It’s not hard to wash a cup!


Pulleys Image from Deposit Photos © tuja66 2015. Cups Image from Pixabay © Melissa-Anna 2017. 

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17 thoughts on “The Dishes

  1. Haha, this was such an enjoyable read! ❤
    I simply loved your writing style and the way you kept to this underlying rhythm throughout…
    Looking forward to reading more from you, Robbie!

    Liked by 1 person

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