Homicidal Fruit

I’m here to spread awareness of
A homicidal fruit.
Oh sure, it looks quite lovely,
So summery and cute.
But pain and tingling happens
Whene’er you take a bite—
This fruit can make your tongue swell up
And that just isn’t right!

The fruit of which I’m talking
Is pineapple, oh yes.
The problem’s not the outside
(That’s coarse, but I digress.)
The problem’s when you cut it
And take a bite or two—
Its cruel and crazy enzymes
They start digesting you!


Image from Pixabay © OpenClipart-Vectors

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21 thoughts on “Homicidal Fruit

      1. Capital (punishment)!
        My model is WS Gilbert. In ‘Gentle Alice Brown’, for example, her parents resolve to get rid of an unsuitable suitor by chopping him into little bits, so: ‘He took a life-preserver and he hit him on the head, And Mrs Brown dissected him before she went to bed.’
        In the ‘Yarn of the Nancy Bell’ there is ‘Oh I am the cook and the captain bold and the mate of the Nancy Brig, and the bosun tight and the midshipmite and the crew of the captain’s gig.’ He’d eaten the lot of them while marooned in a lifeboat, you see.

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  1. Well here’s a thing I didn’t know,
    that comments have to rhyme,
    I think in truth, my brain’s too slow
    and doesn’t have the time
    to think of something witty
    or even erudite,
    so here’s the nitty-gritty,
    I’m off, farewell, goodnight.


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