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I don’t believe in microwaves
I think they’re just for fools
Who never learnt to fry or bake
Or cook with kitchen tools.
I only ever heat my food
With ovens, pans and pots,
A kettle’s always been enough
To make a beverage hot.

I don’t believe in microwaves
They clutter up a shelf.
Besides, the radiation
Cannot be good for health.
The one time I wish I had
A microwave for heat
Is when I want to zap a pair
Of socks to warm my feet!

Image from Deposit Photos © Blankstock 2015

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5 thoughts on “Microwaves

  1. The issue you have made
    is that you mentioned people haven’t learnt to use kitchen tools
    But as a chef by trade
    if I told you that is exactly what it is, would I be considered cruel?

    You see not everything is made right there and then
    most meals are cooked hours before
    leaving you eating from the radiation den
    but don’t worry people still come back for more

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