Plane Food

My sister just loves plane food
I cannot fathom why.
She gets so darn excited
Each time she gets to fly.
She loves the sad old cookies
The sandwiches as well,
I used to think she faked it
But now it’s hard to tell.

My sister just loves plane food
And every time we go
On culture trips, vacations,
Or visits to the snow,
She wakes up oh so early
So happy she could burst.
And once we’re at the airport
She queues up to board first.

My sister just loves plane food
She asks the airline staff
If she can take the surplus
(The flight attendants laugh).
And just last week we traveled.
We book some flights to Maine.
My sister never made it—
She never left the plane.

Plane Food.jpg

Image from Deposit Photos © lenanayashkova 2014

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15 thoughts on “Plane Food

  1. I love plane food! … I think it’s gotten better by leaps and bounds lately… They’re still just frozen meals pretty much, but maybe it’s the novelty… Although, I fly way too often for that to be the case! Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also quite like plane food
      Except in turbulence
      ‘Cos in those wobbling times I get
      Some guts disturbulance 😂

      Someone should start a blog where all they do is review plane food. Bonus points if they make comments like “the food was great but the establishment could invest in larger toilets” or “I was very disappointed that there was no option to eat outside in the fresh air” … 🙃


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