Finish This Poem – “Grandpa”

My Grandpa is peculiar.
He’s ninety-eight years old.
He wears his gumboots all day long
(He says it’s ‘cos he’s cold.)
He grumbles at the postman
Cos “stamps cost too much cash.”
And what is Grandpa’s favorite food?
It’s pea and chocolate mash.

My Grandpa is an oddball
He yells at hawks and crows.
And when I asked him why, one day,
He said he doesn’t know.
He likes to chew on gum leaves
He hates “that darn TV.”
The oddest thing of all though is,

(Can you finish this poem? 😂😀😛)


Image from Deposit Photos © Milesthone 2016

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31 thoughts on “Finish This Poem – “Grandpa”

  1. The oddest thing of all though is
    He wears a square pants
    He is fond of sponge Bob character
    He imitates much like him..
    We always fight for the rectangle remote
    To watch our favourite show
    Dad bought us two remotes
    Grandpa is always a weirdo!

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