Square Eyes

There is an ancient wives’ tale
That may bring some surprise.
It’s said that if you watch too much TV you’ll get square eyes.
Now I am very truthful
I’m honest, day through night,
So you know you can trust me when I say—That tale? It’s right!

I watched too many movies
And too much anime.
I watched cartoons for six or seven hours every day.
I think it’s simply wretched
I think it’s quite unfair,
But from now on, from dusk till dawn, my eyes are bloomin’ square!

Square Eyes.jpg

Image from Deposit Photos © 9george 2015

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13 thoughts on “Square Eyes

  1. Have you read this out loud a few times.

    I think that it may be better as a ‘performance’ poem to give you the best presentation of these words. It didn’t flow quite smoothly in a few places when I read it out aloud. Just my humble opinion and simple thoughts upon a humourous piece. Grae;)


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