Five Fingers

I’ve been quite a wonderer since I was born.
And sometimes that brings me some trouble and scorn.
I just cannot help it! I just get transfixed!
Example: with fingers, why five and not six?!

If we had six fingers, we’d have so much grip!
We’d turn taps off tighter; no water would drip.
We’d be much more dextrous; we’d knit and we’d braid
Just think of the cello songs that could be played!

I know this is quirky, but you can’t deny
The first-rate convenience six fingers would buy.
I figured it out, though—why five fingers sticks:
Our gloves wouldn’t fit us if we all had six.


Image from Deposit Photos © sandesh1264 2012

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17 thoughts on “Five Fingers

      1. It’s never too early for wit,
        It’s never too late to be wry.
        It keeps all our faculties fit,
        And keeps all our sarcasm dry 😁

        Don’t feel bad. I mean, I wrote a poem in support of extra fingers. I earned a bit of ridicule 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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