Finish This Poem – “Disaster”

“Oh NO!” I shouted sadly.
A great calamity!
A terrible disaster!
A rotten tragedy!
I felt my fingers clenching,
My shoulders slumping down.
Oh, how could this have happened?
My smile became a frown.

“What’s wrong?” my buddy asked me.
“Is everything alright?”
I shook my head quite sadly.
No, things weren’t looking bright.
“Oh something shocking’s happened,
It’s terrible, you see, …”

(Can you finish this poem? 😂😀😛)


Image from Deposit Photos © rastudio 2016

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27 thoughts on “Finish This Poem – “Disaster”

  1. I am losing my mind
    Running round and round
    I fail to see
    What’s in front of me
    I searched high and low
    Far and wide, up and below
    Till I stood in front of looking glass
    To see perched on my head, my reading glass

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  2. … I’m trying to write a Haiku
    With lines that number three;
    But, I’ve lost the plot
    So much more I’ve got,
    I hate this poetry.

    I’ll have to call it something else,
    ’free-writing’ if you like,
    ’cause it sure ain’t no darn Haiku,
    and it sure can take a hike!”

    My buddy looked at me aghast,
    he saw my fevered brow,
    he realised the pain I wore,
    and told me that it wouldn’t last,
    explained the why and how,
    and then explained some more.

    He tried to help me with my woes;
    but, by this time, I felt such despair
    that, from my head down to my toes,
    I really couldn’t care.

    So he slapped me, short, sharp and quick –

    that certainly did the trick.


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