The Smell

The smell.
It wafted steadily and filled us all with dread.
The smell.
It was insidious and smelt of something dead.
The smell.
It was quite pungent, like a terrible perfume.
The smell.
It wasn’t long before we had to leave the room.

We called out a technician who just couldn’t find the source.
He sent a bill for several hundred dollars, then, of course.
It just got worse and worse until it filled the whole darn house,
We wondered what it was. Some rotten cheese? A perished mouse?

The smell!
We got so desperate and none of us could sleep.
The smell!
My ancient grandpapa was starting, now, to weep.
The smell!
It was so thick now that the stench was off the charts!
The smell!
We found the source, at last.
The smell was grandma’s farts.

Granny Small.jpg

Image from Deposit Photos © watcartoon 2016

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