My Special Talent

I have a special talent that will take me far.
It thrills me and excites me: I could be a star!
Now I am not a dancer and I can not sing.
This awe-inspiring talent’s an unusual thing.

It’s really quite exceptional, I have to boast.
You see, the special knack I have relates to toast.
My rather wondrous aptitude, the jewel in my crown?


…all the toast I ever drop lands butter-side down. 

Image altered from Deposit Photos. Original Image vova130555  © 2018

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37 thoughts on “My Special Talent

      1. I’d like to be a scientist
        And have a PhD.
        I’d like to wear white coats and work
        In a laborat’ry.
        I’d like to look in microscopes
        At toast that’s on the floor
        To see if little germs are saying,
        “WAIT! 5 SECONDS MORE!”

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