18 thoughts on “Old People

  1. I started reading all your stuff
    Then went back to the start
    The fourth day of December
    Just last year.
    I read about the ants and mice
    And yucky stuff like poo
    And all the other clever things
    that have been writ by you.
    And so because I like it all
    And think you’re very smart
    I’ll follow you forever
    I promise. Cross my heart.

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    1. This blogging thing is puzzling
      It really makes me think.
      And mostly I’m just hoping
      That my writing doesn’t stink.
      But every now and then I feel
      This blogging is worthwhile,
      When another blogger
      Leaves a comment and a smile.

      Now one such kindly blogger
      Is a thoughtful man named John.
      He writes of war and age and critters
      That he comes upon.
      Now when I saw his pictures
      I knew they were sublime,
      But I am EXTRA thrilled that he
      Dropped by to leave a rhyme.

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      1. All the best peeps are in Melbourne.
        It’s full of fine artists and brains.
        So yes, tea or coffee sounds lovely
        As long as there’s no Melbourne rains 😂


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