There once was a lady named Sue
Who had a dalmatian called Blue.
She’d walk him each day
To the park for a play,
But she’d never dispose of his poo.


He’d drop juicy turds in the street,
So good luck if you walked in bare feet!
She’d look away, sly,
Playing dumb. Passersby
didn’t know she was sly. She looked sweet.

Now I am her neighbour, you see.
So all of that poop bothered me.
There was poop on my deck
My whole yard was a wreck
And the soles of my shoes were stinky.

So one day I made up a plan.
You see, I’m a spiteful young man.
I went to the store
I bought birdseed galore
And I covered the roof of her van.

Now if you’ve been reading these words
You will know that the seed was for birds.
And when Sue went outside,
Her jaw opened wide.
Now HER stuff was covered in turds.


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